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Summertime Word Association

May 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


What's the first thing that comes to mind?



Is it ice cream?

((Javaberry from Dairy Twist in Pembroke is my personal fave))


Is it hot dogs?


Or maybe hanging at the beach?

Well, this is pretty much what I think of come summertime:



BUT, I also think of beach portraits. I know Summer is busy with sports, cookouts, play dates, and family vacations but grab a spot now for your Summer portrait. Keep in mind, for the best light, beach portraits should only be shot just before sunset (or at sunrise if you're feeling ambitious) so there are only a certain amount of sessions I can book for beach portraits. Book now and we can plan YOUR session.

Here's a sample of beach photos from last year.

Have fun, stay hydrated, wear your sunblock, and get in touch for your Summer portrait!


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I Think I've Fallen and Hit My Head

November 08, 2015  •  4 Comments

Wait, what, where am I?



I was either at the Arnold Arboretum today on an absurdly warm, Fall day or I hit my head and landed in some magical, fairy tale land. I can't really tell from these photos, it could go either way. Normally, when I'm shooting in November it's pretty much against my will and I have on my puffiest, warmest winter coat, gloves, and a hat. This weekend the weather was in the 60s and a lot (not all) of the trees had retained their leaves. This is not normally the case. It's usually more like a barren wasteland of sad, scraggly trees and the temps are below freezing.


This is usually me shooting in November:



Here's a quick sneak peek for Lori and her fam who I should note are battling the flu. They've pretty much been sick all Fall and we've already had to reschedule once. They rallied this afternoon and we ended up with some really great shots. #thanksibuprofen


And these two ridiculously gorgeous girls! Ugh....I can't stand it. First, my niece Kylie.

I really feel like it looks like she's in some enchanted kingdom or something. The light, the leaves, the trees. It's magical kinda, no?. And I love this girl. She's kind, smart, thoughtful, funny, I could go on and on.

And here's her little sis: Miss Adrianna. Smart, sweet, and lovely in her own right. It's in their blood!

And these 3 kids! Jeez! These ages can be tough but we got some great shots of these cousins. Loving Saoirse's classic, blue, Irish eyes & Cully and Harper are so sweet together. Ummm, did you see Cully in that boss pose? So handsome.

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Searching for You on Craigslist

October 27, 2015  •  2 Comments

So one time about 3 years ago, after I had officially opened the doors of J. Hayhurst Photography, I was trying hard to build up my client list. I tried Facebook and that worked pretty well. I tried word-of-mouth and that was OK too. In one probably poorly executed but optimistic venture, I posted a listing for my sessions on Craigslist. Yup, Craigslist. Thankfully, I wasn't murdered in my sleep. And even better, I gained what would be become one of most loyal and most fun families; we shall call them the H family.


The H family just welcomed a new baby to the fam this past year so we started our session at their house and did some lifestyle portraits in Maeve's room. Look at those shoes! And those beautiful eyes! In-home, lifestyle portraitsHere's a collage of Miss Meave and her hot pink shoes!


After that, we headed to Museum Beach in Scituate. The sun was bright and the wind was strong but we had lots of fun walking around. At one point, Teagan's mom Liz said, "Teags, show Jamie your sassy pose"! And this is the magic that ensued......Silly, yes. Fun, you know it! And I'm actually loving the one on the right. Teags is WORKING the camera, looking right into my photographic soul.

Work it, Teags!


Of course we got a handful of sweet siblings photos. Maeve was a rockstar! No back arching, no fussing. She was just happy to be held by her big sis.


Teagan & I took a stroll to look at rocks and hermit crabs. We made use of the gorgeous light & Teagan's long hair.


So here's to families you meet on Craigslist that don't steal your personal identity and even better, add you to their yearly Christmas card list. Now that's love.


More Mini Sneak Peeks

October 24, 2015  •  2 Comments

Last weekend we had what I call, a private mini. A private mini is just like a regular mini ((check my last blog post for the definition of a mini)) but set up by my clients. It's basically the Tupperware party of minis. One person gets a bunch of their friends together and we book back to back sessions for everyone. If 6 minis are booked then the organizer get their session for FREE! Jackpot!




So here are some quick sneak peeks for my very patient people! XOXOX

The Jezierskis - Oh Izzy, sweet Izzy! You are one of my Fall favorites! And here's Izzy with her twin brothers, Braden and Evan. I don't want to spoil any future Christmas card reveals but we TOTALLY nailed the family portrait this year! And with any children, never mind TWINS, that's not always easy! This was our year though. Keep your eyes peeled if you're on the Jezierski Christmas card list!

Here's my friend Susan and her son. I just had choose these two photos. I know they may not be classic, posed, photos but I just loved the love in them. These are the photos they'll love having in 20, 30, 40 years.

And Miss Lilly! I shared a few photos of her over on my Facebook page but here's one more of her & her sweet curls!

My Berry Boys - yes, they're mine, I claim them as such! They are the sweetest and kindest group of boys. Fussing, fidgeting, complaining is normal when photographing kids. And it's not something that ever irritates me. It's just part of the process. But with these Berrys, we skip all of that. And then there are handfuls of Halloween candy at the end.

I'm back to editing now. With a few birthday parties for my kids and a beach session for me, I'll be back to the editing grind until I get all of these gorgeous Fall photos edited and out to their new homes.


Blogtastic Mini Preview

October 20, 2015  •  3 Comments

What exactly ARE mini sessions, you ask? Well, here's the breakdown for those who are unfamiliar with minis: I select a location ((in this case, War Memorial Park in West Bridgewater)) and I book 4 - 6 30 minute sessions back to back. Minis are great for families with little kids. 30 minutes is, generally, plllllenty of time to shoot littles. Let's just say kids can get a little grumpy when a session starts to drag on.


And sometimes, they just zone out....


Minis are also great if you just want a few quick photos taken for holiday cards. In my head, this time of year is known as "Christmas Card Season".


This past Saturday I had an amazing afternoon of minis! Every single one of them was a returning client so I got to see a lot of familiar faces. Here are few sneak peeks so you can all see what a mini looks like.

The Alberts - You're killing me with your cuteness, guys. Come on now....

And next up: The Stantons. I'm so lucky to see these guys once a year! Here's Richie and his ridiculously cute baby sis, Natalie!

Now the Nistas....You wanna see loyalty? They are the embodiment of loyalty. With me from the very start and I see them faithfully every year for holiday photos. I had a crazy surreal moment during our mini when we started discussing Michaela's senior portraits coming up in a few short years!!!!

Next up, Anna & Jimmy. Ummmmmmm, I'm sorry. These two are too gorgeous for me to even really try to write about. Anna's sneak peek was up on my Facebook page the other day:

And so here's a sneak peek of her dashing little brother, Jimmy! #thoseeyesthough #sigh

See, I'm speaking in hashtags - that's how cute they are!

And last but not least, my buddy Richie. Running on a very short nap, Richie was not really feeling his mini. Don't believe me?

But we took a couple deep breathes, Mumma gave him a few hugs, and we kept at it.

TOTALLY worth a few hiccups in the session!

So next time you see me posting about minis, maybe you should grab one?!?!?!


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