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October 20, 2015  •  3 Comments

What exactly ARE mini sessions, you ask? Well, here's the breakdown for those who are unfamiliar with minis: I select a location ((in this case, War Memorial Park in West Bridgewater)) and I book 4 - 6 30 minute sessions back to back. Minis are great for families with little kids. 30 minutes is, generally, plllllenty of time to shoot littles. Let's just say kids can get a little grumpy when a session starts to drag on.


And sometimes, they just zone out....


Minis are also great if you just want a few quick photos taken for holiday cards. In my head, this time of year is known as "Christmas Card Season".


This past Saturday I had an amazing afternoon of minis! Every single one of them was a returning client so I got to see a lot of familiar faces. Here are few sneak peeks so you can all see what a mini looks like.

The Alberts - You're killing me with your cuteness, guys. Come on now....

And next up: The Stantons. I'm so lucky to see these guys once a year! Here's Richie and his ridiculously cute baby sis, Natalie!

Now the Nistas....You wanna see loyalty? They are the embodiment of loyalty. With me from the very start and I see them faithfully every year for holiday photos. I had a crazy surreal moment during our mini when we started discussing Michaela's senior portraits coming up in a few short years!!!!

Next up, Anna & Jimmy. Ummmmmmm, I'm sorry. These two are too gorgeous for me to even really try to write about. Anna's sneak peek was up on my Facebook page the other day:

And so here's a sneak peek of her dashing little brother, Jimmy! #thoseeyesthough #sigh

See, I'm speaking in hashtags - that's how cute they are!

And last but not least, my buddy Richie. Running on a very short nap, Richie was not really feeling his mini. Don't believe me?

But we took a couple deep breathes, Mumma gave him a few hugs, and we kept at it.

TOTALLY worth a few hiccups in the session!

So next time you see me posting about minis, maybe you should grab one?!?!?!



Nicole Nista(non-registered)
The talent that you have to capture my kids without fake cheesy smiles but with the faces that I see and love everyday is AMAZING! We love you Jamie! You must be so proud of yourself. I know the Nista's are!
Jess Alexander(non-registered)
great post!! It's nice to get a little story behind the photo. Keep blogging and, for the love of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, keep taking photos. These are all perfect!! You are so so great!! Thank you!!
We love you Jamie!!!! You always catch them in the moments where they are truly themselves! THANK YOU!!!!!
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